Simply Payroll

Send us your information from a time system or a simple timesheet.  PaySouth will create professional paychecks, provide easy to read reports, make all tax payments, file all quarterly returns and handle all W2’s at year-end. We can even keep your CPA in the loop so you can do what you do best … run your business. It’s what we call our “PaySouth Package” – everything you need, nothing you don’t. All for one low price! Of course, we still give you more choices so you can customize your package. Choose Pre-Signed, Secure-Sealed Checks, Direct Deposit, or HR Support Features. We’re here to serve YOU … with a smile and a handshake that is genuine, PaySouth.

Tax Management

No one wants problems with the IRS. Now you can relax with PaySouth on your side. PaySouth will manage your tax payments for you; Federal 941, State, SUTA & FUTA. Drawn directly from your account so you know they are paid promptly! But with nothing, for you to do. Should the IRS call with a question … PaySouth will answer the call!


PaySouth is proud to offer value-added services through our network of preferred vendors. We’re glad to work with any benefit provider you choose, but our preferred vendors can often make the process easier. Reporting the details becomes smoother and in many cases, more affordable.

Let PaySouth become the ‘hub’ that makes the management of your benefits program simple.

Pay/Go Worker’s Compensation Plan

PaySouth can help you reduce the upfront money needed for Worker’s Compensation Insurance premiums … and eliminate costly surprises when audit time comes. And, working with PaySouth to better assign your employees, we may actually help you lower your worker’s compensation costs … and improve your profit!

It’s called Pay-As-You-Go Worker’s Compensation!

No guesswork! No surprises! PaySouth calculates and pays worker’s compensation for your payroll by payroll.

You owe it to yourself to get the details on this plan today! Contact us today for a FREE Estimate.