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Welcome to PaySouth Payroll


Providing payroll services in the Myrtle Beach, Conway, and the entire Grand Strand area is only part of where our clients are located. We provide payroll services in the entire Southeast. Finally, a powerful payroll processing and payroll tax-filing solution that is easy, efficient, and accurate. PaySouth Payroll supports your business with a streamlined payroll process you can manage from anywhere. This affordable, online solution improves your organization's productivity, simplifies payroll administration, and provides reporting on demand.


Southern traditions are enjoyed by people from all over the world as they conduct business in today's South. From the Coast of the Carolinas through the Midlands and Piedmont to the beautiful Smokey Mountains. In small towns and big cities. Traditions like greeting folks with a smile, knowing them by name, and treating each person and each company with respect and integrity.


 Here at PaySouth Payroll, it's our way of life.


We serve the small business community with the one thing that's almost forgotten in today's world...


Personal, Professional Service!


Our commitment to provide this service to our clients is build on two words - Simple Choices!  No two customers are alike ... so you need choices.  But every chosen solution must be simple ...  Isn't that how payroll service is supposed to be?


Come see what it means to Simplify Your Payroll and Simplify Your Life!

- New Tax Regulations for January 1, 2014 -

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